Servants' Quarters 

Servants' Quarters & County Museum

Don't miss taking a couple of hours touring the Shugborough Servants' Quarters, preserved just as they were centuries ago, complete with a Servants' Hall.

Victorian Kitchen:
Meet Mrs Stearn, the head cook, in the working kitchen along with her kitchen maid. Both firmly believe it is still 1871. Mrs Stearn keeps a tight reign on her kitchen and no wonder with so many frivolous and flighty young maids to keep an eye on.

Make sure your hands are washed and your nails clean, before she takes you into her domain dominated by a large working range and row upon row of copper pots and jelly moulds. Here she has many 19th century gadgets from the ice cream maker and lemon squeezer to a potato ricer and a floor washing donkey.

Working Laundry:
Washdays in the laundry produce a flurry of activity by our blue and white uniformed laundry maids as piles of linen are washed in the copper, scrubbed in the wooden tubs, rinsed, wrung out and dried, then ironed using flat irons

Step into the magnificent working wood fired brewhouse, still brewing beer on occasions today. Find out how eight pints of ale a day were part of the servant’s wage at Shugborough. 

The real smell of history can be experienced outside too, and we advise that you don't wander too close to the Servants' Latrine in the courtyard unless you have a laundry peg on your nose!

County Museum:
The museum collection housed in the Servants' Quarters buildings covers a wide range of subjects and the past 200 years of Staffordshire's social history.

The great strengths of the collection are items relating to domestic cooking, cleaning and laundry.

We also have an internationally renowned collection of horse-drawn carriages, including coaches formerly belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Ingestre, and the Dyott family of Lichfield.

The costume collection features costume and accessories from the past 400 years.

We have a unique collection of shoes and boots from Lotus Ltd, Stafford and Stone's last shoe manufacturers.

Other highlights of the costume and textiles collections include the cap presented by Charles I to the Bagot family of Blithfield, a superb collection of women's costume, wedding dresses, samplers and servants' costume

Entry to the Servants' Quarters and Museum is included in standard all sites admission. 

Servants Dining Hall

Servants' Hall


Take a seat at the dining table.

Maids in the Laundry

The Laundry

See the maids at work in the Laundry. 

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